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Founder of Aroma Maria Vestergård describes herself as an entrepreneur who loves to create. She envisioned Aroma in her mind years before the business idea took its final shape.

Creativity flows within Aroma, driven by a passion for flavours and shapes. While working side by side with bakers, confectioners, cooks and food artisans, baking and tasting together, we create new things every day.

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Maria grew up in the Ostrobothnian countryside in the homestead of several generations. She is inspired both by nature and family traditions. As a child she listened to tales of her grandmother, who cooked moose steak and stuffed pike in a wood fired oven. The family were self-sustainable farmers and Maria’s grandmother served raw milk directly from their own cows and picked chanterelles along the cow paths in the same forest where the moose were felled. We can easily imagine the wonderful telltale fragrances of a lovely meal soon to be enjoyed.


Maria’s mother also prepares all meals herself from basic ingredients, an interest that she has passed on to Maria, and Aroma of course, where everything is baked by hand. These days Maria herself wanders the same old paths with her own daughter. They pick mushrooms, berries and twigs of spurce that Maria uses to make beautiful December decorations for Aroma.

And when the doors of Aroma open – winter, spring, summer, and fall – you can experience the same feeling as the guests at the table of Maria’s grandmother. All senses are in for a treat – there is carefully brewed coffee, bread with a crisp, chewy crust but a soft and fluffy centre, and buns made with butter which nearly melt in your mouth. We offer a true experience of flavour and fragrance!


Ebba Brahe Award 2018 / Maria Vestergård
Ostrobothian of the Year 2014 / Maria Vestergård